Early morning plasma fire on DS19

Posted on 2018-11-08 at 12:00 AM - Administrator

An early-morning plasma fire on DS19 out in sector (2,27) has forced the evacuation of residences, as crews work to put out the blaze and respond to other fires reported in the area.

Section 23 to 160, all decks above 16 of DS19 are almost completely destroyed. Containment fields seem to have malfunctioned which allowed the fire to spread. Multiple shuttles and fighter single seat crafts were affected and destroyed so going anywhere is a bit of a challenge for USFP citizens. All the stored furniture, appliances, and the repair shop for the most part at this point has been lost. So it's a major disruption for anyone who would need those goods or services over the course of the month will have to make due.

No injuries have been reported.

There are few vessels connecting DS19 to anywhere else, so any relief requested would have to be sent there.

The fire forced the evacuation of elders. The elders living there have been temporarily relocated onto unaffected shuttles. The closest starbase is in sector (4,5) which is too far for any shuttle to make the journey. So they are sitting tight.

"There's a little bit of panic, I guess, considering the only main food replicator site is being taxed, so people are concerned food and water is going to run out," said Chief of Operations John Simms.

He said he's confident in the replicator's ability to provide enough food for the station should hold up until repairs are completed. Although with near unlimited replication technology, the human condition still exists. Panic sets in even though we all know we are still safe, just a little cramp and limited with the current provisions. This is a "First Planet" problem says one young child who seems to be in good spirit.

The Telleron Consoritum has ordered one of their Bulk Cargo ship to offload supplies that is currently enroute in that quadrant. The USFP Nautilus (Bulk Cargo) is expected to arrive next week with industrial size replicators to assist with repairs. Flying at full impulse at their size and load takes time.

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