A Mining and Luxury Liner Consortium

Moving passenger and cargo across the galaxy.

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Luxury Liner Vacation Home

The largest private residential ship in USFP space, The USFP Minnow is home to 4,200 residences. Residents and guests spend extensive time exploring the most exotic and well-traveled destinations, and return onboard to a lifestyle that exists nowhere else in the quadrant.

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Bulk Cargo & Transport

General cargo vessels can carry packaged items like non replicatable chemicals, anti-matter, Deuterium, Firesalt, earth grown foods, vineyard wines, hand made furniture, artifacts, relics, stem-bolts, military vehicles, garments, grain, ore and other similar products.

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Science exploration, Geophysical survey data are used to analyze potential  reservoirs and mineral deposits, locate groundwater, find archaeological relics, determine the thickness of planet crust, glaciers and soils, and assess sites for environmental remediation.

  • Entertainment

    Whale Watching

    Whale watching is the practice of observing whales and jelly in their natural habitat. Whale and jelly watching is mostly a recreational activity, but it can also serve scientific and/or educational purposes. You can book online and see the whales on the ...

    2019-12-03 - Administrator

  • Business

    Early morning plasma fire on DS19

    An early-morning plasma fire on DS19 out in sector (2,27) has forced the evacuation of residences, as crews work to put out the blaze and respond to other fires reported in the area. Section 23 to 160, all decks above 16 of DS19 are almost completely dest...

    2018-11-08 - Administrator

  • Business

    Safe voyage of convoy

    TSN 1st and 3rd Light Division of the Canadian Fleet saw the safe delivery of 1.2 Petagram of The Spice this week. Using 20 cargo vessels, the one week journey saw the psychoactive ingredient to its destination. We thank you for your security and esc...

    2018-10-17 - Administrator

  • Technology

    Secure Transmission

    All public frequencies and transmission of data in any format will be secured by 2019 within USFP. TSN & USFP installations will begin using Rivest, Shamir, and Adelman's technique to complete this task. Your browser will be automatically forwarded to...

    2018-07-25 - Administrator

  • World

    Amendment Drafted

    An amendment to The anti-terrorism bill (C51) has been drafted and is currently being submitted by the USFP government includes a section that gives his government the power "to order the removal of terrorist propaganda". The senate will meet for first re...

    2018-06-13 - Administrator

  • World

    Outer rim and trade routes under martial law

    Martial law is the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions of government, especially in response to a temporary emergency such as invasion or major disaster, or in an occupied territory. There is now enough evidence to warrant m...

    2018-06-07 - Administrator

  • Business

    Temporary mandatory slowdown for civilian vessels

    Temporary mandatory slowdown for civilian vessels. This may apply to any Light Cruiser class and larger for TSN, but is unclear at the moment. The USFP government is implementing a temporary mandatory slowdown to try to prevent more deaths of space whales...

    2018-04-09 - Administrator